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Code on tap

A pint of technology, coding, "war stories," and, most importantly, people.


Welcome to CodePub, your bi-weekly dose of technology, coding, “war stories,” and, most importantly, people. Join us as we delve into the development world, exploring these people’s stories, careers, and much more. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, this podcast is your opportunity to learn, grow and connect with the tech community. So grab your headphones and jump in!

CodePub is bilingual - we record episodes in both Macedonian and English. All Macedonian episodes come with a disclaimer. We’re actively working on adding captions and show notes, so that all of our content can be enjoyed internationally.

While you wouldn’t be wrong to call this podcast “technical”, it’s not really about the technology. The focus is primarily on the people behind the technology, their stories, career paths and, anything else they might want to say.


👋 Hi! I’m Darko. I write software, mainly for the web. I’m also a writer, speaker, community builder, and Linux nerd. I enjoy working with the web platform, warts included, and I remember the IE6 days (yes, I’ve been in this industry for 15+ years now 😊).

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